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Video: Successful Aging Summer Speaker Series

Seniors enjoying summer at the beach

Wesbury would like to thank Attorneys Tye J. Cressman and Kimberly S. Foulk, of Cressman Erde and Ferguson,  for their insightful “Successful Aging Summer Speaker Series” lectures and everyone who was able to attend.

If you were not able to attend the presentations, please enjoy watching the videos below:

“Estate Planning Essentials: Probate & Non-Probate Planning”

You will learn the fundamentals of building a successful estate plan and the concepts you need to know.

“Aging with a Plan: Long-Term Care Options & Advice”

We will review the Long-Term Care Continuum and learn how to successfully navigate lifestyle transitions as we age.

“Tying it Together: Asset Protection & Long-Term Care Success”

You will learn the “rules of the road” for long-term care and estate planning, combining the concepts to illustrate what successful client planning looks like for families.

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